Snow is Falling by Nataliya Medvedovskaya.
11 Jul 2016
"Snow is Falling" for Soprano and Piano by Nataliya Medvedovskaya is performed by Elena Mindlina, Soprano, and the composer, Nataliya Medvedovskaya, piano. The American premiere of this exquisitely beautiful art song was presented at the Musicians Club of New York on March 12, 2016 at Liederkranz Concert Hall, 6 East 87th Street, New York, New York. The song is based upon the poem by the famous 20th Century Russian poet Boris Pasternak. Videography by Michael Gorbovitsky. The English translation of "Snow is Falling" is below: SNOW IS FALLING by Boris Pasternak. Snow is falling: snow is falling. Geranium flowers reach for the blizzard’s small white stars past the window’s edge. Snow is falling, all is lost, the whole world’s streaming past: the flight of steps on the back stairs, the corner where roads cross. Snow is falling: snow is falling, not snowflakes stealing down, Sky parachutes to earth instead, in his worn dressing gown. As if he’s playing hide-and-seek, across the upper
<June 2021>

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