Nataliya Medvedovskaya

Composer, Concert Pianist and Songwriter/Singer


Russian born NATALIYA is a professional, versatile, award winning concert pianist, composer, arranger, songwriter, poet and lyricist, who creates memorable and unique compositions with a focus on brightness of melody and richness of harmony.  Her compositions cross the boundaries between Classical Contemporary and Popular music, embracing a wide range of genres.  NATALIYA’s music goes from being dramatic, deep, mature and soulful, to being playful and whimsical/cartoon-like, often dynamic, expressive, refreshing and novel, always filled with imagination.  


Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1974, Nataliya Medvedovskaya, has been recently based in New York since 2003, composing and performing at established venues and in illustrious recording projects.  Growing up in Saint Petersburg, NATALIYA has been a composer and classical pianist since the tender age of six years old.  She has performed concerts in public since the age of 8.  She was interviewed for her very first radio show when she was just 10 years old.  She later graduated with a double major in music composition and piano performance from the legendary SAINT PETERSBURG CONSERVATORY.  As a pianist of the highest regard, NATALIYA received two distinguished awards with the International Piano Competition “Young Virtuosi” 1989, Czech Republic), one of them awarded for "culture of performance, musicality, and deep understanding of music." NATALIYA’s compositions were broadcasted nationally throughout Russia and she quickly accumulated prestigious composing awards across Europe.  She won First Prize at the 1995 International Composers’ Competition of the Gartow Foundation, held in Saint Petersburg; Second Prize in the composition category at the International Competition "Golden Channukia" (2005, Berlin); and then more recently in the U.S.A - Honor Award at the 2006 Great American Song Contest; Honorable Mention in the 14th BILLBOARD SONG CONTEST; Honorable Mention in the 11th Unisong International Song Contest, and Honorable Mention in the 2007 “Song of the Year” International Song Contest.


Since 2003 NATALIYA has been living in New York City, diving into the mecca of music from all around the world.  She is prolific in her creativity, getting involved in various performances as a solo pianist, ensemblist and accompanist of both her compositions and pieces by other composers at such prestigious venues as Weill Recital Hall at CARNEGIE HALL, Steinway Hall, Bechstein Piano Centre, Austrian Cultural Forum, the New York Public Library and Symphony Space.

In 2006 NATALIYA recorded a piano performance for the Mapleshade Records label for the newly released CD entitled: “Rachmaninov, The Impassioned Songwriter”.  She is also recording a solo piano CD of the Mozart program and a CD of her original classical compositions.

The world premiere of her new composition "First Snow" for oboe, bassoon, violin, and piano was presented at the An Die Music Series in Baltimore, MD, in February 2009 and at the “Wall to Wall Behind the Wall” International Festival in Symphony Space, NY in May  2010.  At the 2006 International Clarinet Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, she performed her commissioned 6 Movement humorous suite for clarinet and piano, "Pantomimes."  In 2004 she composed and recorded three soundtracks for the American Film "I Will Avenge You, Iago!"

Her String Quartet No.1 (which she composed at the age of 18) has been performed by the famous SAINT PETERSBURG STRING QUARTET since the early nineties in a number of U.S. cities, receiving glowing reviews in the LOS ANGELES TIMES, the WASHINGTON POST, St. Paul Edition, Kalamazoo Gazette and the Charleston Daily Mail.  The Quartet was also performed at the Music Mountain Summer Festival (2005), Mohawk Trial Concerts (2006), and was broadcast by WQXR internationally.  Her String Quartet 2 was premiered at the Chamber Music America Conference (New York City, 2007), Albuquerque Music Festival (New Mexico, 2007) and at the Museum of Fine Arts (Florida, 2007).

NATALIYA’s compositions have been featured at, www.unheard, , , on the Eartaster Sampler 4, the Fresh Music Express Radio Podcast and the Noizepunk & Krooner Shows at www. .


  Press Reviews and Audience Responses


“Ms. Medvedovskaya turned in a brilliant performance, with dexterity and incredible dynamic control."  David Katz - The"New York Stringer" Magazine, 2006.  "About the Arts" New York Composers Circle Benefit Concert at Steinway Hall.                         

"Nataliya Medvedovskaya was the next composer. Watch this name.   Her Quartet # 1, composed at age 18, one short but moving movement, gives promise that this composition student at the St. Petersburg Conservatory will appear on many future programs and do her part through music to catalyze communication across the diverse strata of the human condition."   

  Robert G.Newman - Charleston Daily Mail.


The most significant addition was an amazingly mature Quartet No. 1 by Natalya Medvedovskaya, who wrote it at age 18 (she's now 29). Only eight minutes long, the piece has a tight, arching structure, good ideas that are bounced around the instrumentsand a restless, dramatic temperament audibly handed down from Shostakovich.”

Richard S. Ginell, Special to Los Angeles Times, April 16 2003.


Nataliya Medvedovskaya, whose piano performance in...
Nataliya Medvedovskaya, whose piano performance in the October benefit concert was one of the standout moments, presented four sections from her piece “Pantomimes”.   Humorous and evocative, and bearing the titles “Alarm in an Anthill”, “Waltz of the Poisonous Mushrooms”, “Tiptoeing Invisible Beings” and “Tango of Octopi”, these charming numbers were illuminated by… the always impressive pianism of the composer.”

Concert of New Music at the Thalia at Symphony Space David Katz – The "New York Stringer" Magazine.

Nataliya Medvedovskaya will turn your wildest drea...
Nataliya Medvedovskaya will turn your wildest dreams into a musical extravaganza designed especially for your hungry ears.” 
Eartaster CD Sampler # 4 released .

 “Gorgeous!! I loved it.  You have a very expressive and emotional performance – very moving!” (Vanessa Bezbrozh)


“What a sensitive performance – really enjoyed being transported into the world of Chopin and Nataliya.  Thank you!” (Lana Kravkovskiy)


“Brava Maestra.  So emotional and tender notes…You play with such depth and sweetness!  I love it!  I am enamored by this performance; the way that the the left and right play,  so very differently, yet so synchronized… Nataliya is amazing!  Brava!” (Magdalena Capurso)


“This is gorgeous!  She plays so expressively with such a beautiful tone.  The Russian way of ‘playing through the piano’ keeps the fingers close to the keys for an even, seamless legato.  They play deeply in the keys while using the weight of the forearm and a flexible wrist to achieve a full singing tone without harshness, and controlling tone by higher or lower positions of the wrist.  Nataliya Medvedovskaya is masterful” (Vengarov)


“The Russian pianists have a way of ‘playing through the piano’ with such a relaxed touch and she has such beautiful hands.  Nataliya Medvedovskaya is wonderful!” (AdagioAffectuoso)


On her interpretation of Chopin’s Lullaby: “This is Heavenly music played by an angel.  The way her hands shimmer over the keys is like she’s flying above the baby and lovingly sprinkling angel dust over its head as the baby drifts happily off to sleep” (David Abrams)

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Medvedovskaya: FIrst Snow
Medvedovskaya: Suite "Pantomimes" for clarinet and piano
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